Better Living $1,300 Non-Profit Youth Sports Grant

Better Living $1,300 Non-Profit Youth Sports Grant

Special Event
Local Non-Profit Youth Sports Programs are the heart of any community. Better Living salutes all the kids, coaches and parents that make our hometown youth sports programs possible. As part of our 130 Anniversary celebration, the team at Better Living will join forces with one lucky winner to help promote children’s health and support our community by awarding a $1,300 Youth Sports Equipment Grant to a qualifying Non-Profit Youth Sports Program of YOUR CHOICE!

Healthy, happy kids!

Ask any top performing pro athlete about their success and the answer will be the same – it all started with a youth sports experience! Research shows that youth sports programs benefit kids in many ways ( Mar 2023):

Improved physical health

Sports get kids up and moving, which benefits their cardiovascular health, burns calories, raises metabolism and improves strength and mobility.

Improved mental health

Exercise reduces cortisol, releases endorphins, and increases serotonin. Regular participation in youth sports has been found to be as effective as medication in improving mental health and happiness.

Social connection

Youth sports help kids learn valuable social skills like teamwork, good sportsmanship and empathy.

Academic performance

Youth sports participation is linked with higher levels of academic achievement and creativity and helps improve critical thinking.

Life skills

Youth sports increases personal responsibility and self-control, teaches resilience and perseverance, and improves life skills like goal-setting and leadership.

Use the form below, or visit Better Living Custom Cabinetry and Design, to enter a local Non-Profit Youth Sports Program to win a $1,300 Youth Sports Equipment Grant from Better Living. Click here for complete contest rules.