Home Trends

Home Trends

Does your home need an update? Are you looking to refresh and rejuvenate your space? Do you want to add more personal flair and distinction to really make your home a reflection of you? There are many exciting home trends that could be perfect to give your home the customization and character you crave.

Choosing a Renovation Project

Whatever the reason, consider your home renovation projects carefully. Ideally, your projects will be part of your home for years, so they have to be something you really enjoy. Consider…

  • The skill level necessary to complete the project, and whether you can do it yourself or will need to hire experienced contractors for the best results.
  • Budget, including the costs of materials, labor, rental tools, and any possible inconvenience such as not being able to use the space until the project is finished.
  • The functionality of the project, including whether it can be repurposed for different options or used in different ways to make the most of the renovation.
  • Whether or not you may be reselling your home within a few years, and whether the project will appeal to potential buyers.

Top Home Trends to Bring to Your Space

It can be exciting to plan new projects to really make an amazing space your own. Some of the top home trends that can become favorite spaces in your home are…

  • Office Closets – With more people working from home, creating an efficient office out of a closet – a “cloffice” – can be an excellent use of space. Consider the need for outlets in the space, as well as a narrow desk, shelving, and storage space for office essentials.
  • Wellness Space – Turning part of your home into a peaceful retreat can be a great way to help you destress. Consider adding a water feature or fireplace as a natural focal point, and use neutral colors and cozy fabrics to create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Spa Bathroom – Create a spa getaway right at home with upgraded options in your bathroom. A rainfall shower, adjustable lighting, soaking tub, double sinks, or built-in sound system can be luxurious options for a relaxing getaway without needing to leave home.
  • Geometric Paint – An updated option for a statement wall, creating a geometric pattern is a fun alternative to a solid color. Use color blocking or create a repeating pattern with coordinating shades for an energetic, dynamic accent.
  • Upholstered Walls – Instead of paint, consider upholstered walls for intriguing texture and fun character. Upholstery can also help insulate a room and dampen sound, and is an ideal option as a built-in headboard or perfect for a child’s playroom.
  • Bold Wallpaper – Another option for amazing walls, bold wallpaper makes a fun statement, especially in small spaces like a bathroom or as an accent wall. Floral and nature patterns are especially popular, as are geographic destination prints.
  • Painted Doors – Instead of plain white doors, painting doors bold colors can add an eye-catching focal point inside as well as outside. Consider jewel tones or bright shades that also coordinate with furniture fabrics, flooring, or decorative pieces for instant coordination.
  • Houseplants – Bringing nature indoors is more than just a decorative accent. Houseplants can also promote peace and relaxation, clean the air, and boost personal productivity. From ferns and ivies to succulents, air plants, or even a potted lemon tree, there is a plant for every room.
  • Built-In Storage – Adding more functional storage to your home can help with decluttering and organization. Creative and trendy options include storage underneath stairs, in window seats, or in any small space that would otherwise go unused.
  • Upgraded Fabrics – Choosing upgraded fabrics around your home can add cozy luxury to any space quickly and easily. Draperies, throw pillows, bathroom towels, area rugs, bedsheets, and other fabrics can all be upgraded for instant updating.
  • Minibars – Turn a kitchen cabinet into a handy minibar for your favorite cocktails right at home. If you don’t have a cabinet space to use, a kitchen cart can easily be converted to a minibar to hold glassware, corkscrews, liqueur bottles, and other essentials.
  • Exciting Laundry Rooms – Laundry may not be anyone’s favorite chore, but it can be done in an exciting, upgraded space with new appliances, customized storage, attractive colors, bold wallpaper, and laundry-themed art.
  • Outdoor Living Space – Create more fun space in your home with an outdoor living space that is so much more than just a deck, patio, or gazebo. Consider creating an outdoor kitchen, yoga or meditation space, outdoor art studio, family room, or other great space.
  • Formal Dining Room – Once in decline in favor of open house plans, formal dining rooms are making a comeback as a space to bring families back together for shared meals and reconnecting with loved ones.
  • Sustainability – No matter what upgrades or renovations you plan for your home, eco-friendly options are a hot trend. Sustainably sourced materials, local suppliers and artisans, upcycled options, and secondhand treasures are all unique and socially conscious options.

Your Best Home Trends

The very best home trend to add to your space is any trend you love. Ultimately, the space is yours to enjoy, and however you enjoy it, it should be a space you treasure. Any unique idea you have and creative project you implement could become the next hot home trend!